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Why is soil so important?
The CBD Hemp Plant, is a phytoremediation  plant. Simply put, this means it is will absorb everything in it’s surroundings.  If soil has fertilizer, arsenic, chemicals, acid rain, heavy metals and any cross contamination, this plant will absorb it and that is what you will be ingesting in your body.  This is why organic soil is so important. Ingest the best and not something grown in an uncontrolled mass produced environment. It really is all about the soil and our soil has won awards.

What Else?
We do not use harmful chemicals, solvents, CO2 or heat.

Why cold pressed?
Being cold pressed assures that the most beneficial parts of the plant do not become destroyed by the heat or compromised during the processing.  In essence you receive all the benefits of a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Suggested dosage:  Some who have sleep problems take a full dropper around two hours before bedtime.  The other wellness programs will take a half in the morning and a half 90 minutes before bedtime.

What about Purity?
Our certified third party testing is on the site.

What if I am taking other pharmaceutical drugs?
Always consult your doctor before use if you have a question.

Have any medical groups purchased your product?
Yes, we are in consultation with many doctors and research people.  Recently a psychology group bought a large amount of our product for distribution to their patients.

How has your farm been recognized for superior organic farming?
2008 John D and Katherine Rockefeller Genius Grant
2010 Time Magazines  World’s100 Most Influential People
2011 James Beard Award basically the Oscar of the food industry
2015 National Organic Standards Boards’ Hydroponic/Aquaponic USDA Taskforce.
White House task force for nutrition.
Our organic reputation is second to none.  You are purchasing the most pure product on the market.