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About Us

In another lifetime Rick Law played basketball at the University of Miami with Will Allen.  What Rick didn’t really know about his team mate was that he grew up on a farm in the middle of Washington, D.C. as the son of a sharecropper.  That is hard to believe.  While other kids were waking up to go to school, Will was doing farm chores.  Will became a pro basketball player and later became the most renown urban farmer in America.

As life took its toll physically, both were intrigued by the possibilities of CBD products.  Will changed his whole farming operation to Industrial Hemp.  Both men had some chronic pain from surgeries and old basketball injuries.  They have used the products and have found them very effective in their personal lives. Rick has been more pain free than ever from his sciatic pain and has resumed cycling, which he never thought possible.  Will has been much more pain free from the arduous life of daily farming.

Our products are all cold pressed and grown in a greenhouse with organic soil by a master farmer so they do not absorb any impurities.  We are USDA certified organic.  Our MG can vary with each crop because we thoroughly test each crop with a third party neutral tester.  What is 1300 mg on this crop could be 1400 Mg on the next crop.  We say this because some competitors blanket label the same Mg on every crop.  When you cold press and get honest 3rd party testing, we  have found this varies and we want to provide an honest product.

We cold press so we do not burn up any of the vital nutrients.

We invite you to join the CBD lifestyle.  Rick has joined with Will in Hurricane Health to promote the fantastic possibilities that CBD has provided. We are keeping the products simple and will not release any new products until we know they are the best in class.  Please enjoy.

Rick Law with Will Allen and Miami Hurricane basketball coach Jim Larranaga after a game in Miami Basketball Alumni room.

Rick Law signing former player board at Miami Hurricane Basketball office.